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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Part 1: reality check

The First Reality Check

Tell all: Part 1

I knew something was wrong…
... when the drugs and the cigarettes weren’t desirable…

 I wasn’t the stereotypical drug user, or rebellious-lost, 18 year old. I always told myself: as long as I could keep my grades up and maintain a classy appearance, the lifestyle was OK.
I was in my Hollywood apartment with a co-worker/friend, Kelly. For the last few days, she had been experiencing a burning sensation in her vagina. After several days of ignoring her concerns, I advised her to go to the gynecologist immediately. I even volunteered myself to take her to my doctor… I wasn’t just being a responsible-good friend; I had my own reasons for going.

            Regardless of my 'wreck less' lifestyle… when it came to certain things, I was extremely set in my ways. Sex was one of those things…