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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Part 2

Part 1: click here 

Revealing it all… Part 2


     After to good bill of health, I inquired about aborting the pregnancy. I had never been pregnant before and never thought I would be in that position.  The thought of having sharp tools inserted in though my vagina, all the way up into my uterus to cut out and remove the life that was connected inside my body was horrific. It was even more horrific than the thought of delivering the baby at term. The doctor presented me with a second option that was very new at the time. Far less invasive, were ‘abortion/ miscarriage’ pills. Something that induces a natural miscarriage. However, not only was this an extremely new drug, but it was also only effective in the first trimester. I was 2 days into my second. It was Friday evening and the clinic was closing within a couple hours. I had to decide immediately. Waiting till Monday would mean that I would only be left with 1 choice for termination. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Part 1: reality check

The First Reality Check

Tell all: Part 1

I knew something was wrong…
... when the drugs and the cigarettes weren’t desirable…

 I wasn’t the stereotypical drug user, or rebellious-lost, 18 year old. I always told myself: as long as I could keep my grades up and maintain a classy appearance, the lifestyle was OK.
I was in my Hollywood apartment with a co-worker/friend, Kelly. For the last few days, she had been experiencing a burning sensation in her vagina. After several days of ignoring her concerns, I advised her to go to the gynecologist immediately. I even volunteered myself to take her to my doctor… I wasn’t just being a responsible-good friend; I had my own reasons for going.

            Regardless of my 'wreck less' lifestyle… when it came to certain things, I was extremely set in my ways. Sex was one of those things…